21 10 2009

This will be, for the most part, a sports blog. I’ll probably have posts at minimum every other day for now. Subjects will include Football (College and NFL), Basketball (College and to a lesser extent the NBA), and Major League Baseball. I will likely also have some sort of movie, music, and possibly some TV commentary as well.

Let’s get off to a start with what I just watched: Game 4 of the ALCS.

– Yankees offense is (obviously) dangerous, and will make any pitcher work, although Kazmir’s usual inconsistency helped them on that account.

– I’m hesitant to declare the series over (don’t want to jinx anything, as shades of 2004 run through my head), but it has to be close. Burnett, 5th inning aside, was surprisingly solid in his Game 2 start, and Lackey has looked better than his Game 1 start.

– Understanding that umps miss calls, but from my seat on the couch calling Nick Swisher out for leaving early was terrible. To not even be looking at the runner and still call him out for leaving early (when seeing the runner would at least appear to be a requirement) seems like a serious stretch.

– Looking forward to the conclusion of both series, and it would certainly appear that Philly has that series almost over as well. Comebacks from 3-1 are rare, and a Freeway Series is in serious jeopardy.

That’s probably all for this evening. Look for a BCS post tomorrow, along with maybe an NBA division preview.

And get used to bullet points, thats how I roll.