NFL Picks – Week 11

17 11 2009

This will be the day that we knock these out from now on. Tough week last week, but you can’t forecast injuries (excuses, excuses) In other news, finally a full week, no byes. That being said, let’s get rolling.

– Carolina over Miami. Not looking good for the Dolphins this week. No Ronnie Brown, going on the road, still starting Chad Henne…

– Dallas over Washington. Never buy into Jason Campbell. The Packers were motivated in beating up the ‘Boys. The Skins…are coached by Jim Zorn and their plays are called by a guy who was calling bingo in a retirement home this time last month.

– Detroit over Cleveland. Detroit has Calvin Johnson. That’s the only reason we’re picking them.

– Green Bay over San Fran. Last week was a good start for the Pack. Plus the Niners are coming off nearly giving up a game where they were +5 in turnover margin. We love this video, think Singletary is headed for great things on the sidelines.

– Pittsburgh over Kansas City. No Dwayne Bowe (PED suspension) for the Chiefs. No LJ for the Chiefs (not that it really matters) Steelers in a blowout.

– Giants over Atlanta. While we think Atlanta is good, they won’t be without Michael Turner and Matt Ryan playing in a funk (11 INTs over the last 6 games). Plus the Giants have to beat somebody, right?

– New Orleans over Tampa Bay. The Saints are still good, they just have some holes. Tampa cannot exploit those holes.

– Jacksonville over Buffalo. Sorry Bills fans. Not riding the “win one for the interim coach” train.

– Indy over Baltimore. Tempting to pick the Ravens here. Colts are just coming off an emotional, hard fought win. Baltimore is a team that out man the Colts along the lines. But in the end, we’ll take #18.

– Minnesota over Seattle. Still early, but Farve for MVP? (Our take – can’t be an MVP when you’re the third best player on your team: see Peterson, Adrian and Allen, Jared.)

– Arizona over St. Louis. Sell on the Rams after the almost upset. They’re not good. Steven Jackson is awesome. Rest of team is terrible.

– New England over the Jets. This could get ugly. A confirmation of how you don’t question Bill Belichick.

– Cincy over Oakland. Benson being banged up hurts, but they didn’t have him for the majority of the Pittsburgh game and still won. They’ve got too much going for them to mess it up against the Raiders.

– San Diego over Denver. Especially if Chris Simms plays. Once he came in, to borrow a line from Anchorman – man that escalated quickly. Denver is too one dimensional right now (pass happy) and that one dimension is one dimensional (short pass happy)

– Philadelphia over Chicago. As bad as the Eagles have looked over recent weeks, the Bears have looked worse. The Eagles are better at the no running game thing.

– Houston over Tennessee. Vince Young Chris Johnson can’t do everything. Too many weapons for the Texans.

Last Week: 7-7 (ouch)

Overall: 90-55




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