Odds and Ends – 11/18

18 11 2009

Mike Shanahan

Not a whole lot of time today, so let’s get right to it.

– Coaching Change in Buffalo. Dick Jauron was fired yesterday, after a decidedly mediocre run as the Bills’ head coach. The firing probably wasn’t really a surprise to anyone, while the timing might have been. Rumors now are that two time Super Bowl winning coach Mike Shanahan is being pursued as the possible successor.  That move makes little sense for the team, and even less sense for Shanahan himself. The man can pick any job he wants, and no offense to Buffalo fans, but that job is at the top of nobody’s list. For the team, why wouldn’t you go with a younger coach who will 1) require a lower salary (a concern for a team that has considered moving to Toronto) and 2) might stick around for a while. It seems to me like Shanahan would go for a win now team, and Buffalo is not that job.

Jim Tracy and Mike Scioscia

MLB Manager of the Year/AL Cy Young Awards. The votes actually got one right this time, with Zack Greinke winning his first Cy Young.  The guy was 16-8 for a 65 win team. He had 8 no decisions, 7 of which he allowed 3 runs or fewer (4 ER in his last start of the year, a ND) No question there that he should have won, and he did. Surprisingly I also agree with the manager of the year selections. Jim Tracy’s team went 74-42 under him, good for a 64% winning percentage. No competition here. The AL award was a little more open, but you simply cannot argue with the job that Mike Scioscia did this year. He faced the death of a talented young pitcher, Nick Adenhart, and numerous injuries to his pitching staff, including John Lackey and Ervin Santana. He also had to manage a bullpen that lost the record setting Francicso Rodriguez. While Ron Gardenhire will almost always be in contention given his teams consistent winning in spite of a low payroll, Scioscia was the obvious choice here.




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23 11 2009
Monkeys and Dinosaurs: Linkalicious! | MLB USA

[…] “Congratulations, Mike Scioscia and Jim Tracy. You guys only won the many overrated endowment in sports.” – The Sports Rippers “You simply cannot disagree with the pursuit which Mike Scioscia did this year.” – It’s The Truth […]

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