Your Really Late College Basketball “Preview”

20 12 2009

So we managed to get all kinds of busy over the last three weeks, thus explaining the lack of posts. But no worries, we’re back just in time for the holidays with some thoughts on college basketball. We meant to do an actual preview on the topic, but since most teams are at least a third of the way through the year, we’re going to do the bullet point thing with the top 25 and some of our favorite teams. Let’s get it started.

John Wall - Well Worth The Price of Admission

– We’ll start with one of the blue bloods of college basketball, the Kentucky Wildcats. We’re actually surprised that a team this young is playing this well, but we still think there’s some dents in the armor. They’ve played two good teams, UNC in Lexington and Connecticut at MSG, and both have been really really close games. They nearly blew a massive lead against a UNC that’s not built for a big comeback. From what we’ve seen in the couple of games we’ve watched, they’re way to reliant on John Wall (who is living up the hype so far). It seems like Patrick Patterson disappears late in the game, and  DeMarcus Cousins seems to be a bit of a loose cannon. We don’t think a team this young will win a National Championship (or go to the Final Four), but at this point tune in to watch John Wall, and try not to any grease from Calipari on you.

– Does anyone think Purdue is really a top 4 team? We know it’s early, but does this really look like a #1 seed in March? The overrated rant could go the same for Florida. These teams haven’t really played anyone (Purdue escape Tennessee, while Florida squeaked by a young Michigan State team and was promptly demolished by Syracuse). They’re not terribly deep, they don’t have a true game breaker, and they’re kinda soft inside. Purdue feels like a 3 or a 4 seed right now, Florida maybe a 5. Rankings wise, both of these squads are overrated.

Sorry Gator Fans...These Guys Aren't Walking Through That Door.

– Conference Thoughts: The Big 10 is crazy deep, while the Big 12 seems like Kansas, Texas, and bunch of mediocre to bad teams. The Pac 10 and the SEC are terrible, but the Pac 10 is worse off since they don’t have anybody at the level of Kentucky or even Tennessee. We’ll put the over/under on tourney bids from these conferences combined at 8. That’s out of a possible 24 teams. Is that bad? It’s not good.

– Lastly, an update on our favorite team, the Indiana Hoosiers. Right now, they’re a whole lot better than we thought they’d be. They’re surprisingly competitive, and some of the kids look real good. Maurice Creek looks like a future stud, and Verdell Jones has progressed well from the inexperienced mess we watched all to often last year. We’d like to see a little more assertive play out of Tom Pritchard, along some more playing time for Jordan Hulls and Matt Roth (Devan Dumes is a great story and all, but we’re playing for the future, so get the juco senior off the floor). We could see them winning 6-8 conference games. Based on what we’ve seen, they should be able to beat Iowa, Penn State, and should be able to play with Northwestern. The other wins are coming from us guessing that they might surprise one of the middle of the pack teams (Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, maybe even Ohio State without Evan Turner) when those teams travel to Assembly Hall.

Along with Maurice Creek, This Guy Will Be A Star.

That’s all we’ve got for now, as we’ve got a pressing engagement of the NFL on the couch. Hit us up with your thoughts in the comments, and take confidence that we’re back.