NFL Picks – Week 10

14 11 2009

So, it’s been awhile. But no worries, we’re back (and with inspiration this time!)

This will be a consistent feature on the site, we’re getting a bit of a late start, but we’ve been picking since Week 1. Picking winners, not ATS. Little explanation with each pick, as a way to get some analysis. On to the good stuff.

– San Fran over Chicago. This is late now, but trust me…I had it. Everyone had it. The Bears are not good.

– New Orleans over St. Louis. Does anybody think differently? This is a sure of a thing as you can get.

– Tampa Bay over Miami. Going out on a limb here, but Freeman looked good last week.

– Minnesota over Detroit. Another near sure thing. Tarvaris Jackson could play and Minny still wins handily.

-Jets over Jacksonville. Jets are playing for something, Jacksonville is just terrible (outside of MJD of course)

– Tennessee over Buffalo. Vince Young Chris Johnson just wins games.

– Pittsburgh over Cincy. They’re back. Anyone who watched the second half of MNF saw it. Pitt is scary when they’re on

– Denver over Washington. Bounce back week for the Broncos. A gift from the schedule maker.

– Atlanta over Carolina. The Falcons have lost to some of the best teams in the NFL right now, they’re better than you think.

– Oakland over Kansas City. Wow…ummm….Oakland is at home.

– Arizona over Seattle. Cardinals inconsistent, Seahawks are injured…sound familiar?

– Dallas over Green Bay. The Packers are not good. Dallas is playing well, although we are getting deeper into November, so it won’t last.

– Indy over New England. Colts are at home, and I think the fill-in secondary gets carried by the offense.

– Baltimore over Cleveland. An off week for Monday Night. Ravens will roll.

Overall: 83-48.